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Osaka Sushi on ABC4 and CW30!

Hey guys,

Hope you are having an amazing summer so far and today we are here to share great news!

Osaka Sushi was on ABC 4's Good Things Utah and CW 30's The Daily Dish to share Osaka's secret recipe! Chef Cho and Andy demonstrated Miso Soup, Sunomono cucumber salad and our all-time-favorite Starburst Handroll.

Chef Cho said it was an amazing experience, and he was happy to share his recipe with watchers!

So here are the footage! Make sure to try it at home and let us know how it went! All of the ingredients are available at your local oriental/Asian grocery stores. Some of bigger grocery stores such as Smith may carry those ingredients, so make sure to check it out! If you have any questions, send it along to our email above and we are more than happy to help.

Miso Soup

(For full written recipe, visit the link here)

Starburst Hand Roll & Sunomono Cucumber Salad

(For full written recipe, visit the link here)

Wishing you a great summer,
Osaka Sushi


Osaka Sushi Tooele Reviewed by RogerB's Neighborhood!

Joe Johnston reviewed Osaka Sushi Tooele on RogerB's Neighborhood - tune in following link to listen what he has to say about Osaka.

Thanks again Joe for the awesome review!



Employment at Osaka Sushi

Osaka is always seeking for a talent. If you are looking for a place to grow and start your career in Japanese cuisine industry, this is the right place! Majority of positions can offer part time or full time position.

Areas of recruitment includes:
- Sushi Chefs
- Wait Staffs (preferably 21 and over)
- Kitchen Staffs

To be considered for a review, please email your resume or brief working history to:

OsakaSushiLayton [at] gmail.com (for Layton)
OsakaSushiTooele [at] gmail.com (for Tooele.)